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 MomokoXx's Character Profile

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PostSubject: MomokoXx's Character Profile   Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:10 pm


Name:Stella Kilngerova
Age: 15
Nazi or Child/Teen: Teen
Personality: Stella was a girl with a heart full of kindness. She always did what was right, and always helped those in need. She was older then a lot of the kids in the ghetto, and she was always giving her share of food to the smaller ones who needed it. She loved children, and she figured if anyone had to live in the horrible ghetto of Lodz, then it defiantly shouldn't be children. In her mind children were innocent, sweet, and opened minded. So they absolutely had no reason to be penned in the ghetto. Their childhood should be filled with happiness and wonder. So she was always trying to make the smaller children's days the best she possibly could. Stella barely ever did anything for herself. She allowed her self to eat at least twice a week so that she could stay alive, but gave the rest of her food to the smaller ones who needed it more than she did. This left her unbearably skinny and bony. Everyday she acked with hunger, and her skin was left pale and unhealthy. But Stella kept on moving forward. She was the most strong and glorious girl you would ever meet. So loving, so caring, so kind. She lived through a horrible time. But made the best she could out of it.
Appearance: Stella
Why they ended in ghetto: Stella ended up in the ghetto of Lodz for the same reason many other teens did. She was Jewish.
Life before the ghetto: Back when Stella lived in Czechoslovakia, life was absolutely perfect. Her childhood was filled with excitment and many happy memories. She lived a big beautiful house with her two loving parents. Her father owned a very successful company, and her mother worked at a Jewish school. She had two parents who worked full time, and she often found herself all alone in her big fat house. At school, she had many friends, she was pretty popular, and her grades were at the top of the class. Of course, like everyone other Jewish child, once the nazi's came to power, life wasn't so good anymore.
One night, while everything was calm and quiet, Stella was sleeping tightly in her room, and her parents slept tightly in theirs. Then....suddenly, BOOM! The front door to their house was knocked completely in. The house was suddenly awake. Stella got up, and dressed herself quickly. She could hear the yells and screams and bangs of the Nazis as the moves around and completely began to trash her house. She slipped her shoes on, and ran down the stairs. There, she saw her parents, both screaming and crying as the nazis destroyed all of their precious belongings. Stella stood behind the two, green eyes wide and sad as she watched what was happening. Once the Nazi's were finished, they walked towards the small family of three. The Nazis looked at them, curious and mischievous. Finally, one smiled and said "Tonight, we get all Jews" the man then pulled his gun out, aimed, and shot Stella's father, and then her mother. Stella stood there, tears strolling down her face, and eyes wide and horrid. She couldn't speak at all, but in her head she was praying. Oh heavenly father! Please! Have mercy upon my soul! Please! Save me! Let me live! I know my parents are dead, but please! SAVE ME!
Stella had dropped to her knees now. Her hands clamped together, now repeating her prayers out loud over and over again. She had no hope that it would work, but she continued anyways. Now, she was just waiting for the pain to come and pass. So that she could die and live with her parents in heaven.
She waited, and waited, and waited. And when she finally opened her eyes and looked up, the Nazis had already grabbed her by the arms. They picked her up and set her on the floor. "Gather your things" one of them said. "Get a suitcase and only pack the essentials." Stella did as they said and ran up stairs. She quickly packed a suitcase. The nazis took her to their car. They drove her to a train station and threw her aboard a train. Destination: The Ghetto of Lodz.
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MomokoXx's Character Profile
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