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 Rules For This RP

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PostSubject: Rules For This RP   Sun Jan 03, 2010 4:43 pm

Okie dokie, before you start, please read over these rules carfully!

1. When a character is speaking use quotation marks ("") that way we know what is action and what is speaking.
2. Please make the text slanted when you are showing a characters thoughts.
3. Each topic is a different place, not a different RP.
4. Remember to stay in character and when you aren't in character use (ooc:) meaning out of character.
5. Be DESCRIPTIVE. I don't expect you to write like a professional author, but come on. At least put some effort into it. It gets really choppy and hard to reply when all you put is a line of dialogue.
6. Be semi-literate please! I know I hardly ever have all my grammar and spelling right, but please make sure you re-read your writing before you post to make sure everything makes sense. Use spell check if you have it (:
7. Attention hog = no no, make sure to give everyone a chance to post, interact with everyone! When switching to a new topic (place) make it smooth, don't mess up the current conversation by trying to get attention, you'll get it, don't worry.
8. NO GOD MODDING. If you don't know what this means, then I'll tell you. It means don't just suddenly make someone else's character do something that they weren't planing on. Sure you can do little things as long as it's small. But please, no drastic turns with someone else's character unless you ask. Or you know, at least for warn us about it XD
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Rules For This RP
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