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 How to set up your character profile

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PostSubject: How to set up your character profile   Sun Jan 03, 2010 3:03 pm

In this role play everyone will have their own character profile. Make a topic, and come up with any kind of character you want, and post it! Just so everything stays organized and clean, I'm makeing a limit to how many characters each person can have. So I'm limiting it to 6 character per member. Before you role play with your character, it must be aproved by an admin. Your characters can either be children and teens who live in the gehto, or Nazis who work there.

Chracter Skelaton
Nazi or Child/Teen:
Apearance:(will accept discription or picture)
Why they ended in gehto: (only if charcter who was put there)
Why decided to join:(only if nazi)
Life before the gehto:(past)
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How to set up your character profile
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